Bee Gardens

The Wall Street Journal has just published an informative article on "bee gardens" and native pollinators (which the honeybee isn't, by the way—it's an import and an important import at that!). The associated video is worth checking out, too.

My one beef is that the article makes much of the "threat" of getting stung when attracting bees to the garden, going so far as to include a "sting pain index" for various types of bees. Honestly, getting stung by a nectaring bee is an absurdly overstated risk. Unless you are running around your garden like a maniac smacking down bees, they have much, much better things to do than mess with you.

It's a little like warning someone to be very, very careful about eating bananas due to the risk of slipping on the peel.

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Abelisto said...

I couldn't agree more about the paranoia part. When I was a young naive child in Brooklyn NY, without a bit of bee paranoia to be found, I would gently catch foraging honey bees by hand...Yes... to get a closer look at them. (I was very gentle and inflicted no harm) I was never ever stung!