Northeast Bat Die-Off Mirrors Honeybee Collapse

I was horrified and heartbroken to pick up a local paper in upstate New York this weekend reporting of a massive bat die-off suspiciously similar to the honeybee die-off we've been hearing so much of.

As always, "nobody knows why this is happening," and—as usual—we'll merrily continue ravaging, degrading, abusing, exploiting and dissing our ecosystem in a thousand different ways, inexorably transforming this beautiful earth into a lifeless biohazard without ever making the all-too-obvious connection between our actions and the disaster we're bringing down on bats, bees, and yep, ourselves. Learn more. And weep.

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Thew said...

Damn it! Another vital species (actually, several species) threatened.

This is the first I’ve heard of this white-nosed syndrome, too. We have bats in Prospect Park, or we used to…