2008 Organic Beekeeping Conference, Past & Future

In February, the Organic Beekeepers group hosted its first conference. Videos, audio recordings, and photos from the gathering are available here.

I haven't had time to explore all this material yet, but it looks like some good info on bee genetics, queen rearing, and "no-treatment" beekeeping can be found here. Join the Organic Beekeepers group to stay apprised of future conferences and events, and to find answers to your burning questions about how to raise "additive-free" bees.

And note the following: "The next two conferences are already in the works. In October, there will be a meeting in Nebraska (organized by Michael Bush), dates, speakers, and details TBD, and again in Oracle, AZ February 27-March 1, 2009 (Friday through Sunday). The cost for the Oracle conference will be the same as for this year ($80 including food and lodging for all 3 days). Updated information on these events will be available on the Organic Beekeeping discussion group, on many of the websites listed below, as well as in Bee Culture and The American Bee Journal."

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