Apian Way

If you know anything about bees, you know they like to dance, though they probably use another word for it.

If I were in Brooklyn on June 12th and thereabouts, I'd go see the world premiere of "Apian Way," a new piece by Dusan Tynek's Dance Theatre premiering this week at the Brooklyn Lyceum. Here's the blurbette from the Lyceum website (love the Lyceum, hate their website!):

"Apian Way" is inspired by the social interaction of bees and the mystery of their modern day disappearance. The dance is a narrative fantasy that addresses the role of the individual within a utopian social structure, be it among insects, animals or humans.

From what I hear, this dance company is excellent, so learn more about it and get your tickets here.

My friend, Tarot consultant, metaphysician, and cyberbuddy, Eva Yaa Asantewaa (dance critic par excellence) will be guest-blogging for us here at GSH after she sees, and reviews, the performance. So stay tuned for that treat from the heavens.

Also, if per chance yer Catskills-bound in mid-August, you'll have another chance to see Apian Way at the Mount Tremper Arts Summer Festival—a cool place for cool people.

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