As if from nowhere...

In August, these big, special spiders appear from out—seemingly—of nowhere.

And these mushrooms—with the glimmering world behind them—pop up overnight.

From whence come these specimens of Life Force, and who are we to interfere with their Comings and Goings? And their Staying, on this, the shared and sacred land?


M.Thew said...

Wow, hell of a spider. It's a yellow garden spider, aka black and yellow garden spider, common garden spide, etc. Argiope aurantia. The zigzagging ribbon of silk you can see in the lower pic is called a stabilimentum.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Thanks for looking that one up. I wanted very much to get that zigzag effect in the shot. It's very pronounced in these spiders' webs. Quite beautiful!