I'm a Cover Girl!

And so is Wren. Our beekeeping proclivities were recently featured in the 9/11/08 issue of our hometown paper, The Park Slope Food Coop's Linewaiter's Gazette. Check it out.

Can I run for Vice President now? I think I'm qualified.


M.Thew said...

It's a great piece.

Gordo said...

Gerry, I think that's the best account of beekeeping and honeybee biology that I've ever read from a non-beek!


Kat said...

Great article. I couldn't see the pictures, though. Boo-hoo.

Please run for VP! Maybe Tina Fey could be your president?

Abelisto said...

Of course, you're qualify... I mean let's say you started keeping Russian bees, rather than Italians...That would make you a foreign policy expert.