Eartha Kitt, Queen Bee (1/17/27-12/25/08)

Sad to learn that Eartha Kitt no longer purrs upon this earth. In her honor, we're resurrecting this post from our blog entry of last spring.

Here's one for the Department of Delicious Surprises: Eartha Kitt collects hornets' nests.

“I think they’re fascinating, so intricate. I love all kinds of bees’ nests. I was a wild child, and I depended on the forest to find company when I was a kid, so I became very cognizant of how friendly nature can be.”—Eartha Kitt

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Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

Thanks for reviving this earlier post and for your tribute to this beautiful soul.

Just thought of something: We have lost "paws" (Kitt) and "pause" (Pinter) at the same time. Wow!