NYC Beekeepers Have a Great New Hive!

Yesterday's meeting of the NYC Beekeepers Association had a great crowd and featured excellent presentations on the presence of pesticides in honey, a lively discussion of some of the issues surrounding the ongoing "mystery" of Colony Collapse Disorder, and the impressive efforts of Just Foods to make beekeeping legal in New York City (it's perfectly legal in many other U.S. cities, including Chicago and San Francisco).

You can take action to help legalize beekeeping in New York City by visiting Just Foods' Food & Farm Issues page.

And while you're at it, join forces with an exciting new group of urban beekeepers, environmentalists, gardeners, and freelance bee-lovers by becoming a member of the NYC Beekeepers Association. The organization is offering beginner workshops in urban beekeeping and an urban beekeeping mentoring program in February and March, so sign up for the e-newsletter while you're visiting the site.

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