Become a Pollinator "Exit Pollster"

National Pollinator Week is months away, but from a global swarming perspective, pollinator week exists in perpetuity—it's a subject near to our hearts, uppermost in our minds, and—quite literally—central to our bee-ing.

The Pollinator Partnership has an abundance of resources about pollinators, ideas for sponsoring events that raise consciousness about the vital importance of pollinators, and an action alert to encourage we the people to bring attention to the plight and glory of pollinators by requesting of our governors that Pollinator Week 2009 be officially proclaimed.

Meanwhile, in an exciting new development on the local front, the Great Pollinator Project has launched NYC Bee Watchers—a citizen-scientist project to gather information about the distribution of four groups of bees (honey bees, bumble bees, large carpenter bees, and metallic green bees) in New York City.

Think of it as exit-polling for pollinators (you count them as they leave the flowers on which they're foraging) and visit the site to learn how to reinvent yourself as a "mobile bee watcher." You'll find a nice slide presentation on how to become a NYC Bee Watcher volunteer, instructions on how and when to conduct observations, and guidance on bee identification.

The site includes a page of NYC-specific and urban-focused info—including videos—on bees, bee-watching, and pollination.

There is also a fine resource section linking to online insect identification guides; insect and bee conservation groups; and documents on creating bee-friendly gardens, providing nesting sites for bees, and taking other actions that promote eco-systemic well being.

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