Shutterbug Salutes High Line

New York City's latest bee-friendly spot gets the royal treatment from New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham.

Cunningham's focus is people, not bugs, but if you visit the High Line on a sunny summery day, you'll see plenty of happy pollinators doing their thing.

Cunningham's unbridled enthusiasm reflects the true wonder of this thrilling addition to the city's psyche.
Photo: Jesse Chehak (See more pictures of the High Line.)


KC said...

yep, there was a wonderful optimism in that Cunningham thing.

Kristin said...

Those virgin blades of grass look good next to the cityscape, don't ya think?

Every time I see a honey bee anywhere I wonder who is beekeeping nearby and I 'm pleased that someone is doing it.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

KC-Cunningham is the very definition of optimism and pleasure.

Kristen-I have the same response every time I see a honey bee, although I also hope there are plenty of feral bees around, in trees, sans beekeepers.