Now! In Your Very Own Home! Avian Skulls in 3-D!

Nature's forms are so awesome when we take the time to really see them (i.e., study, stare, gaze, gawk). I mean awesome in the old-fashion, thunderstorm-and-lightning-awesome sense, not in the "this taco is awesome!" sense.

Take, for example, the bone structure of birds. Works of art, not to mention aerodynamic genius. Give yourself treat and amble on over to this astonishing National Science Foundation-funded website called Aves 3-D.

Here, you can browse the breastbone of an American Robin or marvel at the mandible of a Wood Thrush. By following the site's directions, you can use your mouse to rotate each bone in three-dimensional perspective as examining it with your own hands. Peruse the site by skeletal element, geographical location, scientific name, and, of course, common name.

Explore our wonderful bird friends from the inside out, and be prepared to swoon.

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