Press Coverage Round-up on the Legalization of Beekeeping in NYC

Ahhh...I feel lighter today as if...a ban...has been lifted...from my shoulders....It's great to wake up in the city where keeping bees is no longer a crime.

One of my hive-mates at the NYC Beekeepers Association was kind enough to round up some of the extensive press coverage on the overturning of the beekeeping ban in NYC yesterday.

Before presenting the media coverage, though, I'd like take a moment for the "First Things First" department. Let's recognize and honor the hard work of the people at Just Food, which led this charge so ably and so well. Here's a summary of their efforts. We all owe them a debt of thanks.

Here are some of the many media stories about the "banning of the ban," for the newshounds among you.

NBC News, "Big Apple Lifts Beekeeper Ban"

The Globe and Mail, "The Big Apple, Where Honey Talks"

The New York Times, "NYC Abuzz: Sweet Deal Makes Bees Legal"

On Earth, "Sweet News: New York City Dumps Beekeeping Ban"

LA Times, "Sweet News for Colonies: NYC Legalized Honeybees in a Boon for Keepers of Rooftop Hives"

HuffPo, "New York City Officials Decide to Allow Beekeeping"

Have you seen other notable coverage on the lifting of the ban? Leave a comment and let me know!


C.M. Mayo said...

This is great news! Thanks for providing all these links.

Bruce said...

Colony-Collapse Disorder seems to be having some positive effects. I suspect that without the potentially dire condition of honey bees worldwide, as reported by the media, many bee keepers would still be operating illegally. Thank you, NYC, for your enlightened example reversing an absurd law. I hope other communities follow NYC's example and enact and expand upon this law to make the keeping of other livestock, like chickens, easier as well.

Dennis said...

There is a MP3 link to a 9 minute segment on
Beekeeping in the City
that was WNYC today on the
Leonard Lopate Show


The segment can also be listened to live.

Dennis Law
( aka Paul D. Law )
Brooklyn South Community Emergency Response Team
Logistics Section

Sound Proud International said...

I don't see anything wrong with beekeeping. Some people are very much against urban beekeeping because they say it's dangerous for those people allergic to bee stings; but what about the rights of those people who love to work with bees? aren't they as important as the rights of those who oppose beekeeping?
I definitely enjoy beekeeping, I hope others would be more open to this idea.