Dressed to Squill

Pollen counts and allergy-induced sneezing notwithstanding, pollen is a pretty exciting topic if you are a beekeeper or bee-watcher. I've written quite a few pollen-related posts on this blog, with photos of honey bees gathering pollen from jewelweed, crocuses, goldenrod, portulaca, and (as shown below) thistle.This weekend, Wren and I had a great time watching the bees gather buttery yellow willow pollen in the old pastures behind our house. We also saw, for the very first time, a bee packing her pollen baskets with the handsome shimmery blue (!) pollen of Siberian squill, which we'd planted a mass of two years ago with precisely that goal in mind. If you're looking for a great plant to provide early spring forage for your bees + the coolest colored pollen on Earth, look no further than Siberian squill.

This excellent pollen color-chart includes a photo of the blue pollen of which I speak, while providing a guide for those who wish to identify the various pollen types their bees are bringing home to the hive.

I only wish the little bee with the blue pollen hadn't eluded my camera lens. I'll be trying again soon, of that you can be sure.


Anonymous said...

In between rubbing my itchy eyes, I'm gaining a new appreciation of pollen. Thanks! Saw my first bee of the season yesterday in Riverside Park.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

I am glad that in the midst of your personal suffering, you were able to enjoy the plus side of pollen. Great about the bee in Riverside Park. Drove through last weekend and was stunned with joy at all those wonderful flowering trees!