Give the Gift of Bees

Want to go a little less materialistic in your holiday giving this year? Consider a donation to Heifer International.

This holiday season, through Heifer International, Wren and I are giving the gift of honeybees—which can provide food, a source of income, and of course, great ecological benefits to communities struggling with poverty and hunger. We'll be making several such donations in the names of various friends.
Here's more from the Heifer International website:

Honoring a friend or family member with honeybees is a gift that shows you cherish both people and the environment. The way bees work together is a lesson for us all. They produce food, care for the young, recycle waste and create an effective, efficient community. They pollinate fruits, flowers and vegetables in the process -a benefit for us. A package of Heifer International bees and a hive gives families better crops, candle wax, pollen for medicine and honey to eat and sell.
If honeybees aren't your thing, consider a gift of llamas, goats, chickens or even a water buffalo—Heifer International's gift registry provides a list of all the ways you can do some good this holiday season.

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