Swarm Season '08: Code Black-&-Yellow in NYC

New York City's "thriving illegal bee scene"! The "underground honeybee world"! Read all about it!

It's all so illicit and city-health-code violation-y! YUM!

Legalities aside, there is a significant urban beekeeping scene in NYC as this latest swarm season reminds us. And once again I say, it's a good and healthy thing for urban denizens to be reminded of our place in the order of things—and the fact that, urban, rural, or whatever (by which I guess I mean suburban) this world is to be shared.

One wonders why the city doesn't just change this stupid law (it would be a very green initiative, Mayor Bloomberg).

Many other cities actively encourage beekeeping. Take Paris for example. See also: Paris is Buzzing. Meet a San Francisco Beek. Or pay a visit to the fine individuals at the Chicago Honey Co-op. And know that all this is just the tip of the urban-beek iceberg.


Abelisto said...

Finally... some civil dis-o-bee-dience in the name of sustainability!

Abelisto said...


A friend tells me that Marla Spivak has encouraged the residents of St. Paul MN to break their city ordinances and keep bees in the city limits.