Zen Gardening

Check out Dharma in the Dirt, a funky piece in the New York Times about Zen Gardening and one of the organic gardening movement's progenitors—as always, don't miss ye olde slideshow. (Do we love the Times online? Yes, we do!)
Speaking of Zen, belated congrats to that magnificent beacon of "the larger sanity," Gary Snyder, on his recent win of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize for lifetime achievement. Bravo, good sir!

Quoth the prize-givers: “Gary Snyder is in essence a contemporary devotional poet, though he is not devoted to any one god or way of being so much as to Being itself. His poetry is a testament to the sacredness of the natural world and our relation to it, and a prophecy of what we stand to lose if we forget that relation.”

I'm grateful for all Snyder has taught me with his words, and glad to see this recognition bestowed. I remain hopeful that the ultimate lifetime achievement award will be Snyder living to see enough people hearing and acting upon his wisdom to turn this mess around before it's too late.

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