Bees in Art

Here's to more art and less television in 2010!For your viewing pleasure, here are five bees-in-art sites to get you started...

1. Bees in Art- Operated by the Land Gallery & Foundation ("Home of leading British wildlife art"), this site offers plenty of images, books, cards, and other bee-related items to keep you buzzing around awhile.

2. Bee Dreams/Unique Bee Photography- Photographer Rick Lieder's luminous honeybee portraits celebrate the elegance, dignity, and lithe energy of our airborne friends.

3. The Bee Photographer- Eric Tourneret has traveled the world to photograph honeybees, beekeepers, and their environs. His astonishing photos from Cameroon, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, and Romania will—I guarantee it—blow your mind.

4. Adrianne Rubenstein- We interviewed this wonderful artist awhile back, and I encourage you to explore her fascinating bee-inspired images. Check out Adrianne's interview with Global Swarming Honeybees here.

5. BEE's Project - A perusal of MoMA's website has yielded a few meditative bee-related images by Portuguese artist/designer Susana Soares, accompanied by a thought-provoking audio commentary by another artist working with similar themes—namely, the interactions between animal/human senses, health care, technology, and the need to develop more indigenous/human-friendly settings for the delivery of medical services. (Anyone who has spent any time in a hospital of late will know exactly whereof this speaker speaks, and will no doubt agree with her assessment that these alienating, aesthetically empty environments cannot possible aid in the promotion of well-being.)

I am always on the lookout for quality websites and resources related to bee-inspired photography and other visual arts. What's your favorite resource along these lines?


peter said...

There is also Wolfgang Laib, a German artists. He does not do bees as such, but often uses beeswax or pollen to work with.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll explore that soon!

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Peter, Just looked into Laib. I like his work very much. I just wrote up a post on the blog about him, which will appear in a couple of days. Thanks again for the hot tip.

peter said...

Glad you like it. If you ever have the opportunity to go and see his work "in real", don't hesitate: you'll get the wax smell as a bonus, and the pollen fields look stunningly bright.