Breaking All the Rules

I (illicitly) snapped this descriptive plaque at the Henry Darger show at the American Folk Art Museum a couple of weeks ago. I risked death-by-museum-guard to get this for you, my blogged beloveds. My sneaky snapping resulted in a less than excellent framing.If you're in NYC and want to check out the small but fun show of Darger's work, I do recommend it. There's not much in the way of bee-related stuff, beyond this placard, but the museum is a blast, and can be enjoyed from top to bottom in an hour or so. Don't miss the great weather vanes, duck decoys, and fish decoys while you're there. The museum's anti-photo rules suck, but the place is a treasure trove.


Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

You're a hoot! :-D

comfrey cottages said...

sounds fun! thanks for chancing a trouncing by the guards jerry:)