The First Annual Beekeepers Ball

Those of you in and around Gotham City will want to make reservations now for the upcoming fantabulous First Annual Beekeepers Ball to benefit Just Food, which is leading the charge to make beekeeping legal in New York City.

The ball—to take place
Monday, June 22 on the shore of the beautiful, new South Street Seaport Water Taxi Beach—promises to be full of "sweetness and buzz." Waggle-dance the night away, enjoy the nectar of honey-infused cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, come dressed as a Beekeeper (all in white) or as your favorite bee (Queen, Worker, Drone) to compete for best-costume awards, and bring along your favorite local honey to share with your fellow pollinator-lovin' peeps.

The Beekeepers Ball is being planned in conjunction with a series of activities to mark Pollinator Week (June 22-28) and raise awareness about the vital role pollinating insects and other critters play in our urban ecosystem and food systems. Buy your tickets now and support a fabulously worthwhile cause.

See the whole lineup of Pollinator Week activities being planned by the folks at Just Food and the Pollinator Week Planning Committee.

Learn more about the Pollinator Partnership's efforts to promote Pollinator Week 2009 nationwide.


NYC Totally Overreacts to Some Honeybees

Check this out.

To Life!


Happy (Bee-lated) Birthday

This blog turned 2 on May 15th. I'd like to thank each and every one of you who read, visit, comment on, and/or support this joyous undertaking. May the Force be with you, and with the bees.


Coolest Photos Ever From the American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History has posted an amazing—and I mean AMAZING!—collection of photos documenting the history of the museum, its famous dioramas, and its educational activities over the years. I encourage you to grab the beverage of your choice and hurry over there for a truly delightful time. I have an abundance of fond memories of spending time in this museum as a child, and rediscovered that sense of wonder and excitement as I perused these fabulous old images.

This is just the tip of the iceberg—check out the whole collection now.


Mind the Miners

Interesting little piece in the Times a coupla weeks ago about miner bees—which (I learned from the article) make up 90% of the 4,000 species of native bees found in the U.S.



My brother's partner Kelly iPhone-d this lovely image yesterday—looks like our extended family is expanding a bit.


Bees About Town

Recent and not-so-recent photos of bee-related imagery in the Big Apple.