Apes. Tools. Honey-Getting.

Forest-dwelling chimps use tools to gather honey.


"No Rest for the Wicked"

Errant bee menaces winged poppy-hopper. The artist is Wm. Barribal. The year is 1935.

Looks like Barribal also did birds.


Fun With Bugs!

Sweet friends imported this bee from Baltimore. It now resides in Brooklyn.


Cricket Crawl!

On September 11, bug-minded folks throughout the NYC metropolitan area will be participating in the first ever Cricket Crawl—"An aural expedition and a celebration of life in the leafy jungles of urban and suburban NYC." (Rain date = Sept. 12.)

Learn more about this cool event on the Cricket Crawl website, where you'll find instructions for participating, links to great websites where you can learn more about the sounds and appearance of various singing insects, and info on the interesting line-up of collaborating organizations, including the American Museum of Natural History, the NY Entomological Society, Discover Life, the Appalachian Mountain Club of NY/NJ, and our own local and exceedingly fabulous Proteus Gowanus.

I'm helping to run the Cricket Crawl's Facebook page. Why not join up and get your cricket on? You don't have to live in the NYC area to get in on the fun.