10 Reasons to Loathe Sarah Palin, Installment 7

My goodness, I've been so busy donating to the Obama campaign, dispensing cute "Boxers for Barack" pins to everyone we know, putting homemade Obama signs on our window, and gearing up to work the phones on behalf of That One, that I've fallen quite behind on my "Reasons to Loathe" list.

But Palin is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to reasons to loathe, so our little list is back in business.

Here's Uncle Woman cogently explaining how she would trash our precious constitution with her quote "opinion" re one man and one woman or one dead moose and one pregnant teenager or whatever she's received her latest personal instructions from God about, even as—in the same dumb breath—she spouts that "compassionate conservative" nonsense about not "sitting in judgment."

I cannot wait until these horrible hypocrites are roundly trounced in two short weeks.

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