Sarah Palin is so awful I have to interrupt my own list of reasons to hate Sarah Palin for this!

"In the great history of America," indeed.


Lauren said...

Now that's a Gawker-worthy headline!

M.Thew said...

I bet she could find some people who still wish Plessy was the law of the land. If she knew what the fuck that ruling was.

Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

I have never seen anything as pathetic as these interview clips. How did she even make it out of high school? Is she not embarrassed to press forward with this charade that fewer and fewer people are buying?

And this "base" that everyone's talking about? They're a bunch of frightened, small-minded people who are only trotted out and used by the Republican party when they think they can help them stay in power. Right now, that base and their princess aren't looking too good. The Republican party is furious at McCain over Palin. The only thing that will give victory to McCain and Palin is racism. If that doesn't work, neither of these two individuals stand a chance of any kind of political future. They are toast.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Eva, I couldn't agree more. It's miles past pathetic that this joke-of-a-choice has been tolerated (let alone lauded) this long. If this country is really in the hands of that so-called "base," we are doomed. I seem to recollect a time, just a few weeks back, when all the talk was of how important Obama's VP choice would be--how it needed to reflect seriousness and gravitas and experience and all that good stuff. And now, the Republicans offer this puffball as their second-in-line? This double-standard is beyond sick; it's Clockword Orange.

Thew--I think that was precisely the underlying element at play in McCain's inability to look Obama in the eye, or even cast a glance in his direction, throughout that entire debate the other night. Inexcusable.