Colin Powell Picks Obama

I found myself surprisingly moved by this thoughtful, well considered commentary on the two candidates, and the increasingly harmful and extreme positions being taken by the Republican party. Watch and listen:


Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

A lot of people, myself included, have nasty memories of Powell's U.N. presentation during the lead-up to Bush's Iraq war. However, I was also deeply moved by Powell's statement which went way beyond anything he had to say to endorse Senator Obama. It was a noble gesture and a sure rebuke to McCain supporters who would question Obama's patriotism and his readiness to serve his country with distinction and great leadership. The Obama-Biden ticket is clearly irresistible, and it seems like it just remains for the New York Times to finally find its courage, too. Go, Obama!

M.Thew said...

Yes, that was an important thing to say. And it really shows up the deafening silence of the great majority of Republican leaders who are so mum over the filth boiling out of the McPalin camp. Little as I like the Democrats, great ennablers of Bush over the years, I do hope they swamp the House and Senate and flush the GOP out.