Bees We Met In Spain

Wren and I have just returned from a magnificent trip to Barcelona and environs. Along the way, I took photos of all things bee-related, as shown below.

First of all, we were excited to find that the taxis in Barcelona resemble bees. Here they are "swarming" in front of the train station.
In the Priorat region, we found some honeybees working these flowers—the only flowers we saw blooming in the mountaintop village we were visiting in this beautiful wine-making region. However, nearby, the almond trees were in abundant bloom, so the bees had plenty of forage available.

I was beside myself with happiness to find this Hello Kitty bee at the grocery store and brought her along on our travels.

We named her Chavela Abeja.

Here's Wren showing off another bee toy during a visit me made to a beekeeper in the Priorat. I'll do a separate post about that visit soon.

A window display.

Bee-related merch.

A chocolate honeybee.
Chocolate honeybee lollipops—three of the nicest words in the English language!

A package of honey that came with breakfast in our hotel during our three-day visit to the Costa Brava.

Another window display.

A candle shop window in Barcelona.

Jars of honey in a shop window.

Bonus shot: mosquito graffiti!


Matthew said...

Sounds like a great great trip!

KC said...

wonderful. I love the chocolate honeybee. And the taxis. And the miel in the hotel...

Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

What fun! I have a few bee photos from New Zealand for you, but the task of culling my collection is daunting! I hope some of the bee ones will be good enough to introduce you to bees from yet another corner of the world.

All the best!