Blogs We're Liking

How good it feels to use the royal we on a cold and sleety Tuesday—it does wonders for the immune system!

Our friend, The Brooklyn Bachelor, has launched a terrific new urban beekeeping blog called BQE Keeper, and we highly recommend you pay a visit ASAP.

Also happy to have recently discovered Local Ecologist, a very nice blog on "near and far encounters with the local and ecological." This blog is currently hosting the latest episode of the Festival of the Trees blog carnival, and our When Trees Have Faces post is included in the latest roundup of cool essays and photos on all things arboreal.

A Tidewater Gardener is another new find, and we're inspired by the detailed photos and thoughtful writings on gardening, landscapes, and related themes by "an unapologetic plant geek" in Virginia.

That's what we're reading over here at GSH this week—what blogs have inspired or excited you of late?


HB said...

I've been wandering through this one: kittbo.blogspot.com

Kitt posts fairly frequently, on a variety of topics, so there's always something interesting to read about.

The post I'm waiting for is how she gets her bees out of her bee gum and into a top bar hive this Spring. I hope she posts video of it.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

This is a good find, HB. I just spent some time reading it and loved the eclecticism of her interests...not to mention her sense of humor and eye for the absurd. Can't wait to check out her fascinating blogroll!

Thank you for sharing this.