Honeybee Wallpaper!

Check out this amazing honeybee wallpaper by Candace Wheeler, a contemporary of Louis Tiffany's and founder of the Associated Artists.
This is the stuff that makes life worth living, no?As if the wallpaper weren't Thrill Factory enough, get a load of these honeybee lace curtains—also from Candace Wheeler.
Great Depression notwithstanding, these inspire one to consider a major redecorating project. For now, we can only dream and stare longingly at other designs from the Arts & Crafts, Victorian, and Deco movements at J.R. Burrows & Co.

We can also learn more about the marvelous Candace Wheeler and delight in the knowledge that such lace and wallpaper reside upon this earth.


Matthew said...

I see by her carps that she was much influenced by the Japanese style. Thanks for this find.

KC said...

that's cool. never heard of her artist's colony...onteora? Long gone, I assume. She looks a bit like a bee to me! (Can't quite say why....)

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Thanks both for your comments. I realized, it doing more reading, that Wheeler was raised in Delhi, NY—a town upstate I know well. Will attempt to locate the farm she grew up on this summer....so stay tuned.

Info on the Onteora Club—an “experiment in plain living with high thinking” can be found here: http://onteoraclub.com/guest.html

It's in Tannersville, and I now realize that we've seen signs for it—a private residential area now...something else to explore further once we head northward, ho in a few weeks.