Bed Stuy Bees!

Check out these pics of yesterday's daring honeybee rescue adventure in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Andrew Cote of the New York City Beekeepers Association led the rescue brigade; here's an excerpted version of Andrew's report on the escapade:

Some of you know that we at the New York City Beekeepers Association (www.nyc-bees.org) will do just about anything for honeybees. We received word a couple of days ago that a tree in Brooklyn had fallen, was resting across wires, but the tree men could not remove it since there was a colony of honeybees living within. There was talk of poisoning the hive. So we at the NYCBA sprung into action.

Bob, whose house it is, took lots of pics and put this all up - amazing! The bees are not featured so much since the event went pretty flawlessly. We got there early enough to screen the bees in before their morning flight, and though a little time consuming and nerve wracking to be under the heavy branch near the wires, all worked out well. Not a single bees was harmed, and only two were spotted on the wrong side of the screen.

Those concerned will be happy to know that the log that is the honeybees' home is now upright in the original position, and situated in my front yard in Connecticut. The bees seem none the worse for wear though they did not enjoy being bounced around in the back of the van for a couple of hours.

Wherever danger threatens honeybees, wherever there is pollinating to be done, whenever we are needed, we will be there.


Gord said...

I love it!

Anna said...

I am in an Apiculture class at the University of Arkansas and this was one of the first hands on project we did! We rescued the bees after a big ice storm here and the clean up crew was chopping up a big old oak, and when he brought the chainsaw up there was sticky honey on it. So in we were called. Such a good experience!! So cool reading that story, and the pictures are great.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

That's a great image, Anna: a chainsaw covered with honey. So metaphoric! Would love to learn more about your apiculture class—do tell!

Chicago Honey Co-op said...

Great job! So glad I found your blog.

KC said...

Super Bee People!