Bee Photography Tips

A friend was kind enough to send this impressionistic shot of a bee in flight over a sea of pink flowers.

The photographer, Ronan Palliser , provides a detailed explanation of the techniques used to take the photo and his musings about the challenges inherent in photographing bees and butterflies. It's a nice little conversation starter.

I've actually been pleasantly surprised at little camera-power I've needed to get some pretty cool shots of my honeybees and the local population of bumblebees and other flying insects. I certainly don't aspire to greatness on this front, but my little Canon Elph has come through well much of the time.

Patience is, perhaps, the most important ingredient for successfully photographing the fast-moving insects. A macro lens, even a basic macro setting option, helps too. Learning through time and observation how different insects move about is useful as well. In any event, it's fun to go outside, find some bees working the flowers, and snap a few photos in the least intrusive way possible.


Kristin said...

Alas, my camera can't take such shots--and what a good one.

I wouldn't call it Impressionistic though, since there is nothing "wispy" about it. It's dead on Realism.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

It is a great shot, isn't it? I see your point about my use of "impressionistic"--to me, those pink flowers and the background make my mind go blurry, in a strong way. You're quite right; there's nothing "wispy" about it!