Get Your Bee On At The BBG

The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is a local miracle, and last week the place was in early bloom, with many honeybees on hand to help out with the spring festivities. During my brief afternoon visit, I observed honeybees working the Japanese pachysandra, siberian squill, heather, azalea, and grape hyacinth.
Above: Apis-girl on a serious pollen-gathering mission. The plant is Japanese pachysandra.
Honeybee working azalea.

The heather in the rock garden attracted considerable honeybee attention.

At the entrance to the BBG's native garden is this wonderful old fence. It's one of my favorite nonliving things in the garden.
The BBG also has a couple of great gift shops where you can find bee pencils, bookmarks, mugs, tea towels, and other cool stuff that your beekeeping and bee-appreciatin' friends will swoon o'er. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by.

Coda: Just happened in on The Brooklyn Bachelor blog and found this post on the BBG and bees. Seems all of Brooklyn is heading toward flower-mecca with these warm days.

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