How to Build a Solar Wax Melter

If you keep bees with a top bar hive, you're likely to wind up with plenty of nice comb that can be melted down for beeswax.

I created a highly makeshift solar wax melter last summer, but will need something a little larger and more sturdy this year, since it looks like I'll soon be processing a fair amount of comb from my dead hives (sigh).

Here's a good article on harvesting honey and beeswax from a top bar hive. In addition, the government of Queensland has been good enough to provide this overview on beekeeping, beeswax, and solar wax melters, with some good tips, warnings and tricks.

Here's a roundup of instructions for making a solar wax melter.

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Linda T said...

Hi Gerry,
I love your blog - you find the most interesting items. Thanks for linking to my solar wax melter - it's actually the same as the one you made from the plan from "Paul" - I link to him on my blog as well. Captain Kangaroo used to read a book called "Simple Pictures are Best" and I think it's a perfect way to think about the solar wax melter - simple is best!