It's been dry around here—worrisome dry—but the moment we get even a smidgen of rain, it seems, the mushrooms are on the rise, popping up from the leaf litter in the woods, garden, and lawn. Here are some of the colorful and not-so-colorful characters I've been running into lately.

Bonus shot (below): Indian Pipe—a favorite of mine—not a fungus, but a plant (in the blueberry family, no less!) that lacks chlorophyll, and thus evokes the mystique of the forest. Magical!


Linda T said...

Fantastic pictures - I always love what you post.

Linda T

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Thanks so much, Linda. I appreciate the feedback coming from an Ace Blogger like you.

And I'm gratified to know that the non-bee-focused material here can still hold the attention of the beeks in the audience!