Recent Things

Tiny bee on a shallot blossom.

Bumblebee on knapweed.

Ghost in the woods.

Frog in puddle after heavy rain.

Bumblebee on burdock blossom.

Moth on lily.

A view.

A fabulous worm.

Pumpkin overrunning a lazy gardener's watering can.

Bumblebee on bee balm, a native mint.


Matthew said...

Could your moth be the white admiral butterfly, Limenitis arthemis? I can't tell from the photo what the tips of those antenna are up to (if they are thickened like a club, then it's a butterfly)

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

That was tiny thing--maybe 1/2 tops. I do happen to have a couple of White Admiral pics, which I will post momentarily. When I have a chance, I have an ancient tome on moths of north america...I will see if I can find that thing. How hard can it be? (Famous last words.)

Matthew said...

Now, that's a project: there about 12,000 species of Lepidoptere in US & Canada, and with only 760 of these butterflies & skippers, the rest are moths.